Book Review: Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and read Tony Reinke’s Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age.


Reinke’s discourse on the dangers of the spectacle age, is eye opening. He calls attention to the dangers of our digital world and the way in which it continually draws our attention. Yet this age of moving from one spectacle to the next is not simply found within our social media. Reinke addresses a number of areas that beg our attention that we may not realise do so.

With each chapter I found myself more and more aware of the ways in which I too was drawn to spectacles. Reinke writes in such a style that with each page I wanted to read more, and which constantly draws the reader back to the truth of Scripture


With each chapter I was more and more convicted of the ways in which I allow spectacles to control me. Reading this work has challenged me to think about how much time I am spending each day not simply on social media, but what I am allowing to occupy my attention – games, Netflix, political news? All of these things, amongst others, can divide up my time, but does my dwelling on them bring glory to the Lord?

I have begun to ask myself more, what is the purpose behind what I am doing? I have time to spare, how will I spe


nd it? Will I allow the world to capture my gaze? Or will I direct my gaze heavenward?

I have been reminded where my gaze ought to be. I am reminded of the importance of Christ, the Lord’s plan of redemption, and of my purpose as a steward of time here on earth.

Competing Spectacles, is well worth the time and effort to read.

A copy of this book has been provided to us by Crossway.

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